A midlifer

Well people, that’s it. I turned 40 on Monday. I’m officially more than half way through my life, or on the boat back, as my husband would say. In fact I think I have been on the boat back for a few years already! The only good thing about this is that the lovely Andrea & I are having a party to usher in our 40s on Saturday. We’ve got a DJ with an amazing set of lights, a band and finger buffet – what’s not to love? All in a cricket club in Maidenhead!

We shared our 18th birthday together too with a party, but as we walked around Costco buying food yesterday, neither of us could remember who exactly was there and what happened! It had a theme though, it was a red party. Someone wore a tomato around their neck, I do remember that at least, and Andrea had pillar box red hair and red patent DMs. Wish I had some photos… or maybe not, goodness only knows what I was wearing :)

So this morning I’m having my locks dyed, thank God, as I have had to wear a hat for the last two weeks to hide my inch long grey roots and the said locks will be chopped tomorrow morning. I’m hoping this will wipe the years away in one sweep (I can dream on….).

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to, and a bit of sewing here and there… I have joined a couple of new bees, one British and one international. I’m loving Svea’s idea for a quilt for her son – ‘To Boldly Go…’ a space themed quilt. She sent me two F8s, one of which I completely ruined with a paper piecing false start, fortunately I have quite a bit of starry fabric so these are my donations to the quilt for this month.

To Boldy Go… Block for Svea
To boldly go… for Svea
Tiny star for Svea

Have a great weekend people! I’m hoping to surface somewhere around Tuesday :)

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A whole twelve and a half inches of lurve….

I hope I got your attention ;)


I have been making these for Alison from Little Island Quilting for her Soy Amado project today. I started and I couldn’t stop. Read about the charity here.

Come on, root around, find the blocks you started but never finished, don’t know what to do with, don’t like, whatever… Make them 12.5″ square, quilt them onto some backing and pop them in the post to Alison (she’ll send you her addy).

She’s not fussy, she’ll take what you’ve got! It is Valentine’s Day after all. You will make her very happy on that little wind blown island.

I will leave you with some Valentine’s cheese, Love Unlimited with ‘Walking In The Rain’. Barry White’s girl band :) If you don’t like talky bits in songs, or girl bands, or Barry White, then this one isn’t for you. But this song makes me want to dance like Snoopy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This year I decided not to take part in any swaps. Once I started seeing hold alls and big travel bags in people’s inspiration mosaics, that was enough to put me off! A cushion is about my limit, or so I thought… Then Sonia made some knickers from the Trixie Lixie pattern and posted about having a fun, little swap for Valentine’s Day and I was suckered in!

The first pair were a complete disaster, not stretchy enough by any stretch of the imagination. The second pair went much better and these are now winging their way to my partner :)


And then today I received these lovely knickers from Hannah (these are almost impossible to photograph and I’m not modelling them) along with some lovely Malteser rabbits (all scoffed by the boys)! Perhaps I should have opened them tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait! Thanks Hannah, they are fab!


Other than sewing knickers, I have started on my next Friends With Additions blocks for Christine. Lots of triangles….


And that’s about all I have been up to. We are up to our necks in water around here. Wargrave is largely okay unless you live by the river, but lots of the surrounding areas are completely flooded now. The husbeast has been working at home for nearly two weeks now as the trains into London are all screwed up, plus last week’s Tube strikes.

My parents in law have had their beach chalet half destroyed down in Branscombe in Devon by the storms there. The beach is unrecognisable; it’s so sad. I think we are going to try and get down there this weekend if we can send Dan to my parents for the night. We need to rescue what’s left as my MIL has a very bad back and cannot drive at the moment. Like so many others, I will be so glad when this bizarre weather finally ends!

Linking up to Sue’s Caesarea Scrappers today :)

Just Sew Sue
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….Lady Sew & Sew? Did you really mean to be selling this at £5.00 per metre??


Question is, did I really need to buy it? Oh yes :)

Happy New Year to you all!


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Happier things

Thank you all for your kind messages (on and off blog) following my last post about Belinda. I’m so sorry I haven’t got back to all of you personally between then and now, but your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

I stopped doing my ostrich impression and I spoke to Belinda and I feel so relieved that I have done so. She started her chemotherapy yesterday. It’s a rocky road to be navigated ahead but we’ll all be there for her. In the meantime, a pair of PJs and a nice, cosy quilt are well within my remit as planned, post Christmas makes for her. Sonia also had a great idea of planning a quilt for Jude with Belinda, which we will do. Thanks Sonia :)

Anyway, so onto happier things… I had a parcel from lovely Liz today which included a gorgeous linen, text FQ and some fab Christmas decorations as part of a bee Christmas FQ swap. Such a good idea and check these handmade decorations out. Love them! She’s a clever girl, that Liz.


Lovely FC


Love the pompoms :)


Perfect button Christmas tree!

I haven’t done much sewing in the last week, but I made a little pouch for the husbeast’s goddaughter as part of her Christmas pressie. I used Katy Jones’ tutorial here and it was very quick and easy to make. I have a couple more to make before the big day.


I have also been putting together my blocks from Quilt Around The World. Here’s where I am so far – love them!


So, the only sewing I have left to do this week is sewing some felt ears to a white, fluffy hoodie for Dan. He has the plum role of a sheep in his nativity play on Thursday morning. I’m so looking forward to this – the first one :) No doubt he’ll be the only sheep with a Hot Wheels collection (the cars go everywhere, even the shower)!


At the ‘car wash’

So, what have you been up to this week?


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I am a rabbit in headlights, a strobe-lit goldfish…

My beautiful friend, Belinda, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (stage four) and the cancer has spread to her liver. She’s a month younger than me. We went to school together. She has a small boy, Jude, who is five and equally gorgeous.

I found out yesterday morning. I can’t phone her, can’t text, write a letter, can’t just turn up unannounced – I feel completely paralysed and don’t know what to do. It’s just so shit.

BUT, I have to hope that she will get better. There just isn’t any other way to think about it.


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It’s Thursday – again!

How did that happen so fast???

I have been sewing some of these for my addition to Jen’s quilt for Friends With Additions. I realised I should have mixed up the backgrounds after I finished making the last one. Balls. I think they look okay as they are though. I think I will leave them separate for little filler blocks for later on.


My friend Bec had her baby girl, Bella, on Tuesday, so I have started quilting her little quilt, but haven’t got very far!


And that’s it for now. I will mostly be enjoying a stroll ’round snowy NY soon. Still have loads to sort out before parents come and stay in my house otherwise I’ll get told off for not cleaning my dishwasher filter – haha! Oh the joys!

I shall leave you with a clip from one of my favourite films (Annie Hall) that made me love New York in the first place :)

Linking up with Liz & Claire today :)

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