Siblings Together

Well, this will be officially my first post on my brand new blog and I’m very pleased that it is about the Siblings Together charity.

I first learnt about the ST quilting group through Lynne’s blog, I had been searching the internet for a tutorial for a Union Jack and found one on Lynne’s site and had been following her blog and headed over to check out the Flickr group that she had set up. After a bit of nosing around, I came across a post from Judith from requesting log cabin blocks to make up a series of quilts for the charity. Well, I thought, ‘I can do this’ and started to make a few blocks, which ended up being 24! Judith requested that I piece them together and send it to her. This I duly did and the result is below. Check out Judith’s blog here for the finished four quilts which are awesome and a real international effort.

Anyway, so by now the ST quilts are popping up on Flickr thick and fast and it was still on my mind, so I made a few nine patch blocks for Maria at who had requested blocks for teenage boys and below are the finished quilts. These two are some of my favourite ST quilts so far:-

Siblings Together Group Quilts For Older Boys.

Not long afterwards I entered a competition on Tracey’s Quilt Me Happy blog to have a quilt professionally long arm quilted if the quilt was donated to the ST charity. Well, I won and last week I sent Tracey the backing and quilt top and check out what an amazing, super-cool job she has done with it…. She just posted this photo this morning and I’m beside myself with excitement about how cool it is looking. It will be bound with some Kona Pomegranate when it wings its way back to me. Thank you so much, Tracey, you have done a great job. I showed the husband who said it was just too chintzy – typical.

Jojos ST charity quilt

Which leads me onto my final quilt top for ST which is still unfinished (tsk tsk, slapped wrist…). All I need to do is go and buy the wadding and it will be finished, so I have no excuse, aside from it has been Henley Regatta and that is where my local quilt shop is and the traffic to get over the bridge is murder. I WILL do it this week! Here is the top anyway…
I don’t know why this charity spoke to me so clearly. I think it’s just that it had never occurred to me that children in care didn’t get to see their brothers and sisters, which made me think how bloody lucky I have been to have a pretty uneventful childhood, fighting with my brother and poking him in the eye. We are still close and I am hugely thankful for that and hope that these children can get a bit of that relationship back to build on before it is too late. And the funny thing about family is that before you know where you are, you have more of it as everyone grows up, has children, maybe gets married. I started off with one brother and I now have three lovely sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-law and seven nieces and nephews!
Delma’s story on Lynne’s blog today really brought tears to my eyes, so I am pleased I could help. It’s definitely worth a read and go and have a look at all the amazing quilts people have made.
I am also thankful to Lynne for her encouragement of all Brits out there quilting, either new starters or old hands. There’s not that many people who could have made this happen, but she did.
Finally, I am very proud to have been involved with this quilting group and I’m pleased to hear that it is going to continue. No doubt I will be making more ST quilts. I might just get the last quilt done in time for the October camp – haha!
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12 Responses to Siblings Together

  1. Catherine says:

    You did a fantastic job – well done! (Love the name of your blog:-)

  2. Mary Emmens says:

    You’re a star, well done on your quilts, delighted you’ve started a blog and thank you so much for the left over bits you sent to me to add to my Siblings Together quilts.

    • Anytime Mary! It has been lovely to hear everyone’s thoughts about the charity and see all the gorgeous quilts that have come out of this. And you are just as much of a star making five quilts! xx

  3. Gertie Pye says:

    What an excellent first post for your brand new blog! Beautiful quilts for a wonderful cause. And I will take your advice to not drink and sew at the same time. I hadn’t considered the double danger of wasting both wine and fabric!

  4. Glad you like the quilting! ( I love the quilt top! ) Thanks for entrusting your baby to me.
    Nice blog too!

  5. Phil Langley says:

    Hey Jo!
    This is so lovely, and a great title. You are so talented, the quilts are all beautiful, as is the one you made for little Phoebs.

    Oh and please tell the Sultan I’d like to purchase a deer off of him next time I swing by the estate.

    Lots of love to you, Rich & Dan
    Phil xxx

  6. Joanne says:

    What a brilliant first post!! I love the name of your blog, definitely agree with not wanting to waste either!!!
    Your quilts look wonderful!!

  7. Hello me lovely :0)
    So happy to see you got yourself a bloggerooney – ’bout time! ;0)
    Fab post. And what great advice in just your Blog Name!!!
    Looking forward to reading many more posts.
    p.s. in case you don’t know, you are a No Reply Blogger

  8. Kathryn says:

    Finally get to see ALL that you have been squirrelling away at!!
    Just love the quilts and the one that was quilted for you is just gorgeous!!
    You have done an amazing job and the children will love them.

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