Quilt Around The World 2 Bee

I thought I would write a little post about a bee that I am involved in and really enjoying, it is the Quilt Around The World 2. Tanya in New Zealand had posted a call for members on Flickr and it sounded great so I signed up. You make an inspiration block and then send it on the next person in the loop order who hums and has at it for a while and then makes something to compliment it from their own stash, and then sends it on to the next person in the loop. 

Here was my starter for 10:-


I requested that I would like the blocks to be 12.5″ and in predominantly blue fabrics, but the rest is up to the person making the block.

Well, this little block is now in Australia and I am just waiting to see what the lovely ladies there come up with. It has already travelled through Switzerland and New Zealand and once it leaves Oz then it’s headed to the USA where most of the members are (25 in total). I LOVE what everyone has done so far. Check out its progress here on Flickr.

There are such diverse themes going on within the group. There’s everything from a Parisian black and white theme, a crazy quilt, a Christmas quilt, some fairly terrifying paper-pieced stars and Anita’s ‘Neighbourhood’ theme which involves making a representation of something in your neighbourhood in appliqué (not scary at all…).

Anyway, if you have five minutes, take a little look through the group on Flickr here and see the blocks travel the world!

Hope everyone is well!




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2 Responses to Quilt Around The World 2 Bee

  1. Great starter block.
    This is really exciting.
    Wishing I had been brave enough to take part now.

  2. It’s a great bee and it’s a shame that you’re not doing it, but you have certainly made up for it by joining others! I bet another round starts up in a few months. No stopping us now, eh? – lol!! xxx

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