I had a small piece of good fortune today while shopping with my mum. I found a copy of Masquerade in a charity shop in Marlow for 30p!


For those of you who are too young to remember, or not British, Masquerade is a book written and illustrated by artist, Kit Williams in 1979. It is a story of the Moon who falls in love with Sun. The Moon creates a jewel for her love and employs the quick hare, Jack, to deliver her gift to the Sun. Unfortunately, Jack loses the jewel somewhere along the way.

It was in fact a real jewel made by the artist and the book served as a treasure hunt for anyone at the time willing to go and find the jewel (a golden hare, see below). It was buried somewhere in the UK and only by answering the riddles and puzzles could the precise location be found. This caused a real furore at the time and it was a race to find the hare. The details of who found the hare and where are here on Wikipedia.


We had the book at home and I always loved it for the amazing illustrations and the story itself. My parents’ copy now lives with my nieces, who also love it for the same reasons I did, so it’s lovely to have a copy of my very own. Anyway, this book reminded me very much of two lovely bee friends. Very obviously, Carol from The Running Hare and also Liz of Dandelion Daydreams. Check out the pages from the book below to see ‘Liz’ in action and see if you can find the hare in the illustration (there’s one on every page of the book somewhere). I quite like the idea of Liz hanging around in the sky trying to find lost dreams (when she’s not being a mum, wife, working or studying insanely hard, that is). 



Anyway, that’s it from me today, but if you see a copy of the book languishing in a charity shop, definitely buy it!

Happy Wednesday to you all

Jo xxx

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6 Responses to Masquerade

  1. moira says:

    OMG JoJo that is my favourite kid book and I managed to claim it from the rest of my sisters. It resides on the wee man’s bookshelf for when he stops rippping the pages out of books. We should encourage Liz to make herself a dandelion corset I think!

    • Lucky wee man then! That’s so cool that you managed to get to keep it! Such an amazing book, I love it!

      Maybe the corset can be your apparel project – hehe! I’ve got to do Ana’s block his evening as Rich will be late – keep putting it off!

      Hope you are all well and happy! XXXXX

  2. Carol says:

    How wonderful to be mentioned in your post. And to be found out! I love Masquerade and Kit Williams is the most brilliant artist. I’m also fascinated by hares in general.I must admit I had not noticed Liz floating through the air, I’ll have to dig out my copy and have a look!

  3. That is what I wear to work, you know ;0P
    Or at least it should be! {note to self: work on a more corset friendly figure}
    Hee hee, you did make me chuckle and blush with your lovely comments.
    I am off to scour the local bookshops {then perhaps Amazon} for a copy.
    How cool.
    Love you lots darl.

  4. Michelle says:

    Oooh — I do vaguely remember that from when I was in elementary school. Not long ago, I was trying to remember the name of the book with the buried treasure. Thanks for solving my mystery! (And kind of neat that I just happened to stumble across your blog while looking at quilts.)

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