Really Random Thursday

Hello Everyone

I spotted these trees in Wargrave whilst driving to see the lovely Andrea this week. Someone appears to have knitted them some nifty jumpers. Fetching, don’t you think?Image


And living amongst the ephemera at Andrea’s house was this little gem:-



Linking up to Live A Colorful Life’s Really Random Thursday…

Jo xxx

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3 Responses to Really Random Thursday

  1. moira says:

    I love yarn bombing (although I’ve never done it myself, you understand). I also love the word boob – in our family they are called chebs #fact

  2. Carol says:

    Ha, ha Jo !. Your randomness did make me laugh. There is of course a big difference between being a boob and a tit. Loved the knitted spiders webs on the tree

  3. These are great “random” items! Wow, the yarn bombing on that tree is amazing! And the sign made me laugh out loud. Thanks for linking up this week!

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