Brit Sewing Thursday Linky Party

Today I’m linking up to a new, weekly linky party over at Clare’s blog Maywood Studios. Clare will be hosting this link up every Thursday for UK bloggers – how exciting!

So, what have I been sewing??? Not that much on account of the raging inferno that is my conservatory! I managed my Mo-Stash bee blocks for Aylin. Was a bit scared of these, but I chose the blocks that required the least number of curves and they turned out much better than I expected! She requested full on scrappy, so anything went fabric-wise… The link to the free patterns is here (blocks are 8.5″ unfinished).
Also, I have received the world’s most bee blocks back over the last few weeks. First up were my bee blocks from the Mo-Stash bee for June. I am thrilled with how the quilt top looks now I have sewn the top together. The eagle eyed amongst you might notice the errors which I see as glaringly obvious, but I frankly didn’t have the gumption to start ripping other people’s blocks up – I really like it the way it is.
Now I am left with a dilemma… I had intended this to be for my new nephew, Elliot, born at the end of June, but my SIL sent photos of him and he has two quilts already! I was thinking I might give this to his older brother, Dylan (8), whose birthday I missed because we were in Wales on our hols. I think he would like it. So, come on peeps – ideas for quilting and to border or not border???
I have also been receiving lots of 3×6 Bee blocks back as it is the end of Q2. In this bee you are grouped with 5 others, normally the group has a theme like paper piecing, stars, sampler, hexies, etc. You make one block design in the colourways of the other five people and they do likewise for you. This was my third quarter of doing this bee and it took me until the second to get my colours nailed down. I went for red, aqua and green and here are the ones that go together so far (two more arrived yesterday which I haven’t shown).
If I give the other quilt to Dylan, then I will save this one up for his sister, Callie.
And finally, it was my month to be bee mama in the Siblings Together bee. We were allowed to choose fabrics from Moda’s up and coming ranges, but, since Christmas is looming, at least 60% of them were festive or Halloween themed, or very girly. I chose Simple Marks Summer because I thought it could work well for either a boy or a girl equally. Here are the blocks that I have received:-
And there we are – nothing more sewn!
Hope everyone is surviving in the heat. I will miss it when it has gone!
Jo xxxx
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11 Responses to Brit Sewing Thursday Linky Party

  1. Just Sew Sue says:

    They all look lovely. I hope to see you this weekend in London.

  2. That’s a fabulous selection of bee blocks! Very pretty colours

  3. Carol says:

    Great work as usual Jo. How big is the Mo- stash top? ( which I love to bits, quirks and all!). It’s hard to tell size from a photo.

    • Thanks Carol 🙂 It is 36″ by 48″ (all the blocks are 12″), which I thought would be fine for a wee baby (not that wee at 11lbs 7oz – ouch), but not for Dylan really. I thought maybe about adding a grey/low volume border. What do you think?

      • Carol says:

        If it’s for Dylan, then I think you need to add a border-it will be too small for a single bed. Or alternatively, make some more blocks to make it bigger. I like the idea of a low volume border though, which would be easier

  4. Maria says:

    The new linky sounds good, I’ll head over for a look.
    I think your bee quilt top will look fine without a border, but maybe I’m swayed by the fact i don’t like sewing on borders and get out of doing them when I can.
    The siblings bee blocks look great together.
    I love the 3×6 blocks too especially the top left one.

  5. Ginny says:

    Love all your blocks and upcoming quilts Jo. I am in the same position, I really need to get the the tops finished from all my bees! Love your Simple Marks choice – so happy!

  6. I love your Mo-Stash bee blocks. If you want to give it to Elliot, I can assure you that 2 quilts is not even close to being too many. I think my son had about 6 when he was born and they are all still in use. Thanks for linking up!

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