Late to the linky party…

I missed posting yesterday to link up to Claire and Liz’s Brit Sewing Thursday Linky:-

I have no excuse, apart from I haven’t sewn a stitch for a few days, so nothing to report, and also an infected molar which is so hideously painful, I’m not sure what to do with myself. A trip to the dentist and Boots yesterday has left me with two sets of antibiotics and many boxes of painkillers and the prospect of some root canal surgery when the infection has cleared up! I was going to write my post last night, but totally fell asleep – that’s the codeine for you!

Anyway, so in light of no sewing, I thought I would share a couple of links that I have found really useful lately for sizing of blocks. There have been three sets of Quilt Around The World blocks that were coming my way which needed to be 14.5″ & 15.5″ which left me slightly stumped as most tutorials and patterns do seem to be 12.5″. I will just add that quilt maths in not my strong point, so please ignore all of these if you are super-whizzy at maths 🙂 has this link which goes through the basics of quilt block grids and sizes.

The Quilted Snail has this handy chart to show how much you need to enlarge/reduce paper pieced patterns to fit the block size you need. has very handy HST templates for all sorts of sizes here. These allow you to make several HSTs at once. You just need to layer your fabric (right sides together), sew on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines – easy!

Also, I have found a couple of little gems of fabric shops online. One thing that really annoys me is when you are charged loads for standard delivery, and Plush Addict only charged me 75p for two FQs, which I thought was great and they have lots of lovely fabric choices.

Fabric Addict have a small but reasonably priced selection and delivery is £1.20.

And finally, Petit Pan, this is a French shop, but their fabric looks sooo pretty. Haven’t ordered anything yet, but I just like to go and look 🙂

Hope everyone is well this Friday!


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3 Responses to Late to the linky party…

  1. Mary says:

    Oh no, the infected tooth sounds awful. Hope the painkillers give you some relief and that you can get it sorted quickly.

  2. moira says:

    I think that tooth needs to go!

    thanks for the links – most helpful although I could have done with it before I cracked on with Elizabeth’s HST block – more 14″ than 15.5″ – oops

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