It’s Thursday again!

This is what my sewing space looks like, remarkably tidy for me, which generally means that there’s not that much going on! I cleared the space while quilting my ST quilt, which I still haven’t quite finished, but I abandoned it to make a Quilt Around The World block for Elizabeth to have a break this week. And that’s about all my sewing news!


The tooth still hurts. I still cannot drink anything. I have antibiotic induced diarrhoea (#toomuchinformation). Dan has stopped sleeping in the day and can climb in and out of his cot. I’m proper tired, but I guess it could be much worse 🙂

Hope everyone is much better than me! Linking up to Claire & Liz’s Brit Thursdays!


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7 Responses to It’s Thursday again!

  1. moira says:

    you wee scone! I’ll come done and take the tooth out for you – there will be cake for afters 😉

    Sounds like it’s time for the big boy bed…

    • Yes, big boy bed time 😦 Wouldn’t mind but it’s the grotty, tired boy that I have to deal with that’s making me tense! Cherish those afternoon naps 🙂 I need the cake xxxxxxx

  2. Sue Bone says:

    Lovely block. I hope you’re fighting fit again soon.

  3. Oh dear, sounds like you need a break, hope you and yours are all back on top form soon.

  4. Carol says:

    Oh dear, once they escape the cot there’s no turning back!. Hope you feel better soon

    • I know! He was up and out at 5:45am this morning, oh the joys! Just had some of the partial root canal done this morning, so hopefully the pain will be gone when I can feel my face again! XXX

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