A midlifer

Well people, that’s it. I turned 40 on Monday. I’m officially more than half way through my life, or on the boat back, as my husband would say. In fact I think I have been on the boat back for a few years already! The only good thing about this is that the lovely Andrea & I are having a party to usher in our 40s on Saturday. We’ve got a DJ with an amazing set of lights, a band and finger buffet – what’s not to love? All in a cricket club in Maidenhead!

We shared our 18th birthday together too with a party, but as we walked around Costco buying food yesterday, neither of us could remember who exactly was there and what happened! It had a theme though, it was a red party. Someone wore a tomato around their neck, I do remember that at least, and Andrea had pillar box red hair and red patent DMs. Wish I had some photos… or maybe not, goodness only knows what I was wearing 🙂

So this morning I’m having my locks dyed, thank God, as I have had to wear a hat for the last two weeks to hide my inch long grey roots and the said locks will be chopped tomorrow morning. I’m hoping this will wipe the years away in one sweep (I can dream on….).

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to, and a bit of sewing here and there… I have joined a couple of new bees, one British and one international. I’m loving Svea’s idea for a quilt for her son – ‘To Boldly Go…’ a space themed quilt. She sent me two F8s, one of which I completely ruined with a paper piecing false start, fortunately I have quite a bit of starry fabric so these are my donations to the quilt for this month.

To Boldy Go… Block for Svea
To boldly go… for Svea
Tiny star for Svea

Have a great weekend people! I’m hoping to surface somewhere around Tuesday 🙂

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18 Responses to A midlifer

  1. Diane-crewe says:

    have a wonderful celebrationx hopefully you will remember SOME of what happens this time xx LOVE your blocks esp the ones with the multi coloured backgrounds xx

  2. Joanne says:

    Have an amazing party!!! And a brilliant birthday!
    I’m so glad social media wasn’t around when I used to go out clubbing and drinking. I quite like not having the photo as reminders!
    Stunning blocks too, that will be a fabulous quilt!

  3. So have you gone for red locks this time too? Have a fabulous party!

  4. Sarah@SewMe says:

    Many happy returns! Enjoy your celebrations. These starry night sky blocks look brilliant.

  5. hannlib says:

    Happy 40th!! Have a great weekend. Love those blocks BTW

  6. Carol says:

    Have a wonderful party tonight Jo, and Happy Birthday! If you’re on the boat back then I’m halfway back to shore! Loving the star blocks and your wonderful choice of fabrics.

  7. Svea says:

    Happy birthday, only 36 years older than my sweet girl who is the space lover around here. Your blocks are amazing!

  8. Sonia says:

    I can’t believe I missed this!!!!! Happy Belated birthday Jo – I hope you had an awesome one. A red party sounds brilliant, probably best that there’s no photographic evidence though, eh?!

  9. mammafairy says:

    Just catching up- many happy returns of early March! and these days you have a few more birthdays to get under your belt before you hit midway!

    Lovely blocks for Svea, too!

  10. Lysa says:

    A very Happy, very belated Birthday! As a recent turner of 40 a year ago, I’m sure you will have discovered it’s not really that scary.And really chances are you’ll have more fun in this half than the last!

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