It’s only taken me four months to finish this quilt, but finally it is done. This is for my friend, Belinda, who is 40 today and who is also fighting serious pancreatic cancer. I hope she likes it. It’s currently in the washing machine with 50 million colour catchers as I got green stuff all over the back while taking the photos!


There’s a few firsts with this quilt. First time for following a proper pattern completely, Orion by Kaye Prince on Craftsy, and the first square quilt I have ever made. I’ve used some much hoarded fabrics in this quilt, which I had intended for a new quilt for Daniel (the starry ones, at least), but all that went out the window for this one.


I’ll be delivering it in a day or two to Belinda. Fingers crossed all my nasty cold germs will be gone by then!



Pattern: Orion by Kaye Prince

Size: 56″ x 56″

Fabrics: Background is Sketch in Grey with various prints from Alison Glass, Constellations, Nordika & Waterfont Park, Birds & The Bees and Prince Charming.

Backing & Binding: Turtle Bay by Tula Pink

Quilted with Aurifil 2600 & 2785

It feels great to get this one finished. Now I have a date with this fabric for a special little baby girl born recently who I still haven’t seen as I am so full of cold (six weeks and counting, btw).


I can’t really say what I’m planning as Sadie is one of my only non-quilty friends who actually reads my blog, which she is quite likely to be doing as she’ll be sat on the sofa feeding a small child for most of the foreseeable future!
Linking up to Sue’s blog today. What have you been up to?

Just Sew Sue
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5 Responses to Progress!

  1. Carol says:

    Belinda’s quilt is beautiful and I’m sure Dan won’t mind!. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with the pretty, girly fabric

  2. moira says:

    That quilt is fab and I love the backing and binding being the same. I am willing your germs to leave and go pick on someone else. hugs xx

  3. Sue B says:

    Gorgeous. I got green stuff on a quilt of my own when trying to take a decent photo, o you have my sympathies for both that and the cough.

  4. Mrs Flying Blind says:

    Gorgeous quilt.
    Get well soon lovey xxx

  5. Catherine says:

    Your quilt is really fantastic. I am sure your friend will love it and I hope it brings her some cheer.

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