One of these blocks is doing it’s own thing…

I have had a speedy finish for my Siblings Together quilt with lovely Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks donated by the ST Quilt Bee that has now started it’s second year…

The Siblings Together charity promotes positive contact between brothers and sisters separated by foster care, kinship care, residential care or adoption. Some siblings may even be living with parents.

So, anyway, I requested that each member created four blocks using any fabric they chose but with a light/neutral background, nothing was off limits and no ideas which sex this quilt would end up being for. Fiona was on her holidays, lucky lady, so I made a few extras, but somehow couldn’t resist making just one with a dark background 🙂

Image 17

There was such a lovely mix of fabrics that everyone used and this quilt has come together really well, in fact much better than I could have hoped for.

So here’s a few pics now I have someone here today to be my quilt holder-upper!

Image 52

Image 53

Image 50

Image 54

The backing, border and binding are all made from a French kingsize sheet and pillowcase set I bought in a charity shop a couple of months ago. Very girly and swirly and light 🙂 Remind me not to decide to add borders onto a quilt again, unless absolutely necessary. The outside border went really baggy because (as I now know) that I didn’t measure them correctly….

Thanks go to all the members of the STQB for making such awesome blocks for me and I hope this quilt will make some little girl happy. I like that it turned into a girly quilt through the collaboration of twelve quilty minds 🙂

If you would like to donate a quilt or get involved with the ST quilt drive please visit the flickr group. For more information about the quilt drive in general please see here.

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Somehow it feels like I have cheated making this quilt! Once I stopped faffing about, it was done in no time… I’m liking the QAYG method. Each block was quilted very simply in the ditch before joining them all together.

Image 44

Image 41


Image 43

Thank you to all the ladies who made me such beautiful blocks from Switzerland, Sweden, the US and the UK. I think Callie will love it 🙂


Size: 60″ x 48″ approx.

Quilted with Aurifil 50 wt in white

Backing: Mod Beads by Heather Bailey

Binding: Grand Revival Dots by Tanya Whelan

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Where did April go? Past me in whoosh, a bit like March 🙂

I always thought I was a bit of a completer finisher, but it seems I have several projects on the go, or to be finished. So, instead of starting the new baby quilt, I have decided to get everything else done first.

This is what I am working on at the moment. It’s a quilt for my niece, Callie, who should have had this at the end of February for her 7th birthday! The blocks are all from a Flickr swap group called 3×6. It’s a mini bee of three months in groups of six people. You make a block of your choice in their colours and they do the same for you. This is about a year’s worth of blocks which I have added to as well. I decided to give Alison’s method of QAYG a bash for this one and after a false start, it’s now going pretty well – almost finished in fact 🙂

Image 39

It has been a joyous thing to not have to shove a quilt through my machine at home, so I would definitely recommend this way of constructing a quilt. I decided to stitch in the ditch to secure the strips to the reverse of the quilt, which is a bit time consuming and I have had to tack the rows in place before I sew them, but that’s okay.

So, I still have to finish my blue quilt, my Soy Amado quilt (when all the blocks are back) and I have a gorgeous wonky cross set of bee blocks that I LOVE that need some careful construction, but I’m looking forward to that one 🙂

I will leave you with this lady. I’m not a massive poetry fan, but Hollie McNish rocks. I fist heard a poem of hers called ‘Embarrased’ on Facebook about a year ago which is all about breastfeeding in public and I thought of it again this week after Sports Direct made a breastfeeding mother leave the shop while she was waiting for her husband to try on some clothes. Anyway, I discovered this poem of hers a couple of days ago called ‘Megatron (Transformers)’ and this is for all you mothers out there 🙂

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It’s only taken me four months to finish this quilt, but finally it is done. This is for my friend, Belinda, who is 40 today and who is also fighting serious pancreatic cancer. I hope she likes it. It’s currently in the washing machine with 50 million colour catchers as I got green stuff all over the back while taking the photos!


There’s a few firsts with this quilt. First time for following a proper pattern completely, Orion by Kaye Prince on Craftsy, and the first square quilt I have ever made. I’ve used some much hoarded fabrics in this quilt, which I had intended for a new quilt for Daniel (the starry ones, at least), but all that went out the window for this one.


I’ll be delivering it in a day or two to Belinda. Fingers crossed all my nasty cold germs will be gone by then!



Pattern: Orion by Kaye Prince

Size: 56″ x 56″

Fabrics: Background is Sketch in Grey with various prints from Alison Glass, Constellations, Nordika & Waterfont Park, Birds & The Bees and Prince Charming.

Backing & Binding: Turtle Bay by Tula Pink

Quilted with Aurifil 2600 & 2785

It feels great to get this one finished. Now I have a date with this fabric for a special little baby girl born recently who I still haven’t seen as I am so full of cold (six weeks and counting, btw).


I can’t really say what I’m planning as Sadie is one of my only non-quilty friends who actually reads my blog, which she is quite likely to be doing as she’ll be sat on the sofa feeding a small child for most of the foreseeable future!
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A midlifer

Well people, that’s it. I turned 40 on Monday. I’m officially more than half way through my life, or on the boat back, as my husband would say. In fact I think I have been on the boat back for a few years already! The only good thing about this is that the lovely Andrea & I are having a party to usher in our 40s on Saturday. We’ve got a DJ with an amazing set of lights, a band and finger buffet – what’s not to love? All in a cricket club in Maidenhead!

We shared our 18th birthday together too with a party, but as we walked around Costco buying food yesterday, neither of us could remember who exactly was there and what happened! It had a theme though, it was a red party. Someone wore a tomato around their neck, I do remember that at least, and Andrea had pillar box red hair and red patent DMs. Wish I had some photos… or maybe not, goodness only knows what I was wearing 🙂

So this morning I’m having my locks dyed, thank God, as I have had to wear a hat for the last two weeks to hide my inch long grey roots and the said locks will be chopped tomorrow morning. I’m hoping this will wipe the years away in one sweep (I can dream on….).

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to, and a bit of sewing here and there… I have joined a couple of new bees, one British and one international. I’m loving Svea’s idea for a quilt for her son – ‘To Boldly Go…’ a space themed quilt. She sent me two F8s, one of which I completely ruined with a paper piecing false start, fortunately I have quite a bit of starry fabric so these are my donations to the quilt for this month.

To Boldy Go… Block for Svea
To boldly go… for Svea
Tiny star for Svea

Have a great weekend people! I’m hoping to surface somewhere around Tuesday 🙂

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A whole twelve and a half inches of lurve….

I hope I got your attention 😉


I have been making these for Alison from Little Island Quilting for her Soy Amado project today. I started and I couldn’t stop. Read about the charity here.

Come on, root around, find the blocks you started but never finished, don’t know what to do with, don’t like, whatever… Make them 12.5″ square, quilt them onto some backing and pop them in the post to Alison (she’ll send you her addy).

She’s not fussy, she’ll take what you’ve got! It is Valentine’s Day after all. You will make her very happy on that little wind blown island.

I will leave you with some Valentine’s cheese, Love Unlimited with ‘Walking In The Rain’. Barry White’s girl band 🙂 If you don’t like talky bits in songs, or girl bands, or Barry White, then this one isn’t for you. But this song makes me want to dance like Snoopy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This year I decided not to take part in any swaps. Once I started seeing hold alls and big travel bags in people’s inspiration mosaics, that was enough to put me off! A cushion is about my limit, or so I thought… Then Sonia made some knickers from the Trixie Lixie pattern and posted about having a fun, little swap for Valentine’s Day and I was suckered in!

The first pair were a complete disaster, not stretchy enough by any stretch of the imagination. The second pair went much better and these are now winging their way to my partner 🙂


And then today I received these lovely knickers from Hannah (these are almost impossible to photograph and I’m not modelling them) along with some lovely Malteser rabbits (all scoffed by the boys)! Perhaps I should have opened them tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait! Thanks Hannah, they are fab!


Other than sewing knickers, I have started on my next Friends With Additions blocks for Christine. Lots of triangles….


And that’s about all I have been up to. We are up to our necks in water around here. Wargrave is largely okay unless you live by the river, but lots of the surrounding areas are completely flooded now. The husbeast has been working at home for nearly two weeks now as the trains into London are all screwed up, plus last week’s Tube strikes.

My parents in law have had their beach chalet half destroyed down in Branscombe in Devon by the storms there. The beach is unrecognisable; it’s so sad. I think we are going to try and get down there this weekend if we can send Dan to my parents for the night. We need to rescue what’s left as my MIL has a very bad back and cannot drive at the moment. Like so many others, I will be so glad when this bizarre weather finally ends!

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